Janet Beck

Janet Beck



Should I Buy NOW??

By Janet Beck, REALTOR® - July 12, 2021
Should I Buy A Home NOW??? I'm sure you've heard and/or read stories about the current real estate market.  The market has been - shall we say - unusual.  Some label the current market as crazy or hot and you've probably heard stories about multiple offers, low inventory and escalating prices. This has no doubt prompted you

Curb Appeal...Is It REALLY Important?

By Janet Beck, REALTOR® - June 04, 2021
Is Curb Appeal REALLY Important? In a nutshell...YES.  But what exactly does Curb Appeal mean?  Curb appeal is generally how attractive or appealing a house or property is when viewed from the sidewalk/street to a prospective buyer.  We've all driven down the street and seen houses that are in need of some sort of maintenance or repair.  Maybe it&#




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